Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    My Response to Gideon Shalwick Video Blogging Course

    This post has been lying around for over a month now and I think its about time to have it up for all to read.  I would like to just post my response to Gideons competition that took place sometime back regarding video blogging.

    After listing to the video I decided to plot down a  number of pointers that relate to me on why I have not yet implemented video blogging on my blog.  Do any of the points below relate to you?

    - the main issue why I have not gone further with video blogging is because I feel that I do not look good on camera. ( its hilarious but every time I record a video I go through the video and find things that I don't like – like the way my hair falls, the facial expression,etc)  And that is really a big issue for me as I just don’t want to share the videos with people as I feel that people would not watch them.  But now I realized that people are visiting my blog to hear what I have to share with them and not judge weather I have a big nose or not.

    - I love the idea or recording a video in the park like Fran shares in her interview.  I always think of it this way – would I like/be interested to see my own video? If I do ( and I’m very critical to myself) then I do not see a reason why others would not be interested. And the idea of filming in the park with beautiful nature around – I think I will try this idea for my new blog.
    • The solution for this problem of mine Gideon actually gave in his previous videos on his blog at gideonshalwick .  Thank you for your tips on how to feel comfortable in front of a camera. I guess it takes time and with practice you just become better! The tip on jotting down the questions you are going to answer is very good as I always tend to loose direction when talking on camera and start jabbering in all directions. And having the focus of the picture on your fridge – genius idea! ( also if you use that method I think if you have a picture of a friend up then it would be easier for you to talk to them when you record cause you can relate and maybe change you intonation or expressions as if you were actually talking to a friend)
    - Another issue I realize I have is that the niche that I’m in or trying to be a part of is very competitive.  The truth is I have never really had any passions like collecting things or being crazy on diets/etc.  The only thing I really loved I think was athletics but that was back in school.  In the last couple of years blogging has become my passion and the thing is its not blogging about a specific product or hobby its about blogging itself. Helping people set up a blog, getting traffic, etc.  I love researching on the topics of SEO, social media, marketing and anything to do with blogging.

    - Also during the video Fran shared a thing about selling affiliate products through her YouTube channel with a an affiliate link below the video.  And although she mentioned that people would click anyways cause most have no clue that's its an affiliate link, Just wanted to make a quick comment on that – I would use something like to shorten the link and then people would not have to wonder when why click cause when you shorten the link you can white anything in the title. Just a quick comment on that from me.

    - About capturing your Mac screen ( in my case I use a Mac) – as I’m not a professional (yet ☺) in creating video posts I use this free program from called screenium. Well lets put it in other words – it does what its supposed to do and is very easy to use.

    I think I should stop now.  Sorry if this comment is a bit too long! Also Gideon you have been such a great motivation for me to proceed with the video blogging.  I have registered a domain a few months back which is going to be a blog on blogging solutions and now am so eager to actually get into it.  The biggest mistake with this blog so far is not having it hosted on my own domain but having it on Blogger which I just want to comment is real bad for your blogging career as it is something that you don't own and can get closed down anytime and there is pretty much nothing that you can do. So important TIP: Buy your own domain – OWN YOUR BUSINESS!

    Let me hear your opinion - are these issues also a problem you might have faced with video blogging?



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