Friday, September 25, 2009

    Help needed to operate a puppy - has Hernia

    As many of you already know my dog recently had puppies and 2 of them have Hernia ( you can read more about this here), after doing some research it turns out that if not operated this could have a lethal end. The operation costs USD 60 for each puppy, right now I only have USD 40 for this available. Please help with as much as you can, even a dollar. And please let your friends know of this.

    Are you into E-Books? Audio books?

    Are you a fan of e-books?
    I just came to wonder the other day, isn't it so much more interesting to read a book while you are actually holding one in your hands and turning the pages with your hand as you finish each page? Isn't that what it really means to read a book?
    Also this audio books, you know you have someone dictating to you the content of the book, but have you thought about the fact that every person reads the a book differently and makes their own interpretations.

    So when someone is reading it out to you ( as in the audio book case) you are automatically getting their tone and intonation and therefore straight away their attitude towards the book is passed on to you.

    Now returning back to e-books, if you do like them then which type? is it more the how to do something? or tips and facts?

    Please share your opinion...

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    We got a new cat - Don Sphynx

    Isn't he just so amazing! So graceful! This is actually our first cat of this breed and neither my husband nor myself know how to look after it, as you know such breeds need special attention. I'm doing research but if anyone has any suggestions please share your knowledge! :)
    By the way you would never guess what we named him... remember the 1982 movie ET-The Extra-Terrestrial ... well yuppp.. we called him ET!


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