Friday, September 25, 2009

Are you into E-Books? Audio books?

Are you a fan of e-books?
I just came to wonder the other day, isn't it so much more interesting to read a book while you are actually holding one in your hands and turning the pages with your hand as you finish each page? Isn't that what it really means to read a book?
Also this audio books, you know you have someone dictating to you the content of the book, but have you thought about the fact that every person reads the a book differently and makes their own interpretations.

So when someone is reading it out to you ( as in the audio book case) you are automatically getting their tone and intonation and therefore straight away their attitude towards the book is passed on to you.

Now returning back to e-books, if you do like them then which type? is it more the how to do something? or tips and facts?

Please share your opinion...


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