Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Teen Millionaires - How Did They Do It?

    Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

    This video features one of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs of mine.  Can you imagine this Cameron Johnson is only 25 and is making a 7 figure income a year and runs 12 businesses!

    By the age of 25 he managed to publish his own book, called "You Call the Shots", be a CEO to a Japanese company at the age of 15 and have Donald Trump himself write a testimonial for his book.

    Another person featured in this video is Ashley Qualls - By the age of 20 she is the CEO of a million dollar website called

    What makes Ashley stand out is that she started with just 8 bucks that she invested into a Dot Com back when she was 14 and persuaded her passion in creating designs for MySpace pages... amazing how ones passion can go such a long way!

    Its people like these that inspire young entrepreneurs like ourselves and are a bright spot in our future!

    What do you think, who is your Inspiration?

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Increase You Mailing List, Blog Subscribers with PopUp Domination from Michael Dunlop

    What is Popup Domination?

    Today I would like to bring to you the most amazing product that I have come across recently. 
    Popup Domination is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to create some of the best looking light box popups that are proven to increase opt-in email list conversion on your blogs.  So how does one look like, well look no further - scroll to the picture below.  Its amazing cause you can see the whole website in the background and have this tiny pop up which you can close anytime.  As you can see, the light box plugins are extremely eye catching and look nothing like the spammy popups that people find annoying.

    You Are Not Going To Annoy Your Regular Readers!

    If you are worried about frustrating your regular readers by having your new  popup displaying each time they visit – don’t stress. Michael thought this one through, and you can set the amount of days before your light box popup shows to that same reader again. It is automatically set at 7 days, but you can change this to whatever you prefer.

    But How Hard Is It To Set Up?

    Popup Domination installs just like any other WordPress plugin – easily.  Michael claims that you will have your light box popup set up and running on your blog in 2 minutes.  Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to try it out on this particular blog as it is hosted on Blogger ( which should be changing quite soon as working on a new project), but the main thing is that it is incredibly simple to set up your popup!
    There is no coding involved at all, to create your popup you paste the code that your autoresponder (I use Aweber) gives you in a text box, choose the popup style and colours that you want and then fill in the text boxes with the text and bullet points that want to use. Oh, and if you choose the one that includes an image, then you just have to upload the image from your computer (and it will automatically be re-sized for you!).
    This is incredibly beginner friendly!

    You Need This Plugin!

    I don’t usually give such raving reviews, but honestly you really do need this, Popup Domination will be a game changer for your blogging career!
    You may have noticed that all the probloggers are starting to focus on building email lists, and the reason is simply that ‘responsive email lists make money‘ and the bigger you can grow your list the better it will be for you.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    This is a premium WordPress plugin and it does have a small price tag attributed to it.
    But it is not expensive, at just $37 I personally believe that it is costing you money each day that you DO NOT buy it.
    So what I recommend you do, is head over to the Popup Domination website and watch the video that Michael has created which explains a little bit more about how it works, as well as shares his personal experiences with Popup Domination, and if you honestly believe that it will not be of benefit to you, then don’t buy it!
    But, if you are serious about making money blogging, and are looking to optimise your list building, then I cannot recommend Popup Domination enough!

    Friday, July 2, 2010

    Proof - First commission Check from Commission Junction

    I wanted to make some changes to my blog and thought that by adding some video it would look nicer.  One of my affiliate programs that I have recently started using has finally payed of and I wanted to post proof that this does work.  As I have been using Clickbank more than Commission Junction (CJ) this is relatively new for me. 

    I have just recently received my first check from CJ.  The amount is not too big ( honestly speaking its not big at all) but for a start with a new program with not much effort its good.  The check came in for EUR 118.92
    It arrived pretty quick considering that it was sent out on the 26 May and arrived in my mailbox in Latvia on the 31st all the way from Canada. So I would say delivery is very quick. 
    One thing that I did not like was that it has taken quite sometime for them to approve my check as the account was relatively new, so I had to wait around 2 month until they double check that everything I did was legit.  I was told that in the future it should be much quicker.
    Enough with the rambling, please see a quick video of my opening the check ( I know make it sound like such an important thing!)  I'm also attaching a picture of it!
    Look forward to hear your experience with CJ and weather it was good or not?  Enjoy

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