Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Teen Millionaires - How Did They Do It?

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

This video features one of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs of mine.  Can you imagine this Cameron Johnson is only 25 and is making a 7 figure income a year and runs 12 businesses!

By the age of 25 he managed to publish his own book, called "You Call the Shots", be a CEO to a Japanese company at the age of 15 and have Donald Trump himself write a testimonial for his book.

Another person featured in this video is Ashley Qualls - By the age of 20 she is the CEO of a million dollar website called

What makes Ashley stand out is that she started with just 8 bucks that she invested into a Dot Com back when she was 14 and persuaded her passion in creating designs for MySpace pages... amazing how ones passion can go such a long way!

Its people like these that inspire young entrepreneurs like ourselves and are a bright spot in our future!

What do you think, who is your Inspiration?



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