Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's on your Bucket list???

I'm sure each one of us has something that they want to do or accomplish in their life. And now I'm not talking about building a house, bringing up 2 kids, getting a dog and planting a tree in your garden.. :) I got the inspiration to write this post from mybucketlistadventures post I recently read. Haven't really thought what would be on my list, but I think its about time to write one! Here it goes...

  • act in a movie - it can just be for a sec! :)

  • write a book - even 20 pages will do

  • get my articles published in a newspaper or a magazine

  • jump of a plane - but I think this is a typical one!

  • scuba diving

  • go on a lion safari in Africa

  • help a complete stranger change his/her life

  • see all the wonders of the world -especially climb the pyramids

  • live to see my great grandchildren

  • fly a private plane

  • go to Venice

  • have a class reunion after were all 50 back in India!

  • short term goal - finish my masters paper by 20th JAN 2008!!!

  • see the earth from outer space

  • go rafting

  • meet Putin

  • get into on of Forbes Top something lists... :)

I'm sure there are many more, but for some reason nothing is coming to my head. I shall keep in mind to check and update this list and it could be interesting to see in 30 years what I actually have done from this list!!!

Do you have a bucket list? By the way I love this movie the Bucket List!!! If your interested take a look! :)



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