Monday, March 2, 2009

What is your dream profession?

Are you doing what yo always dreamt of doing?

Are you working in your dream position and looking forward to arriving at work every morning?

If your not maybe its time to try something new.

We tend to treat coming to work as a routine that we have to do everyday, but it shouldn't be that.

Each person should do what they are interested in and enjoy doing, as they would perform better and generate better results.

Who says you can't just quit everything and try yourself in a totally random position, in a totally different culture and in a different country or state for that matter.

Take a look at this guy, Daniel Seddiqui even has his own site: Living the Map . He decided that he is going to Change 50 careers in 50 weeks and travel to every state in the US during this period...

It's actually quite a fascinating idea, so far he has done 23 jobs in 23 weeks... and he is showing people that no matter that supposedly we are going through a crisis and the unemployment rate is soaring, if you want to find a job - you can!

What do you think, could you do?


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