Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are you on Twitter?

Just wanted to write a quick note. Is everyone on twitter these days?
I mean it seems like it's the number one place to be in order to meet new people, get yourself out there and try to get more readers.
At first when you join twitter you think the more followers you have the better, but I personally came to learn that its not necessary true!

You must keep in mind 2 things that should not do:
  1. Don't just add people, when you add someone spend sometime getting to know the person you are adding
  2. Don't spam people with messages asking them to do something for you, ask yourself first why would someone who you don't even know have to do something for you?
And here are 2 things that you should:
  1. add to discussions on topics that are of interest to you and then introduce yourself to the people who are taking part in those discussions, chances are you have the same interests.
  2. Write useful posts and then messages people who are in your followers list who you think this topic could be of interest to.
Well this is just a brief note from me! Have a great Day

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