Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What makes your blog stand out?

If you asked me what a blog is 10 years ago I would have probably looked at you blankly and started wondering what the heck you were talking about. Today on the other hand, I think blogging is like a new career that you can get into and even make a living of it!

So what makes your blog stand out?
Is it the subject that you blog about?
Is it your unique style of writing?
Is it your blog design?
Is it the colors that you chose for your blog page?
Is it just you that people enjoy communicating with?

This is just a small note to remind myself and everyone else that sometimes its small things as these that we don't pay attention to that are very important. If you haven't done so take a minute to think about your blog? Why should anyone be interesting in reading it? Would you be interested if you came across your own blog!?
Just something to think about... good luck


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