Monday, January 25, 2010

Start to Form Blog Relationships

Sure, everybody wants their blog to be visited by thousands of unique users every day. Do you think each of these visitors will be interested in what your blog has to say? You guessed it right, of course not. That's why it's essential to remember quality over quantity. You can essentially choose some of your visitors.  It just requires some time given up on your part.

Start off by searching for blogs that share interests and keywords with yours. If you're feeling picky, then a popular blog would be a tad more worth your time. You have a choice now if you want to follow them or not. Some people like to save their follows for only those they find most interesting. After this, find a post that you can comment on. Be friendly, show some interest, and if you're subtle about it, maybe mention your own blog.

This is the magic of blog networks. It's almost like the theory of Nash equilibrium. Instead of all the blogs competing for visitors and in the process losing some, build relationships with your competition so that everybody can benefit.


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