Monday, May 24, 2010

Top 5 Reasons - Why List Building is so Important for Bloggers

I have come to realize that by not starting building a list over a year ago when I initially started this blog, I now literally have to start from scratch! The truth is I'm just now in the process of implementing and building a list for this blog.
You will probably ask, so whatš so important in this list.  Honestly speaking - your list is your income. Especially if you are focusing on affiliate marketing products.
So here is my list on why creating a subscribers list is so important:
  • You are building your database of subscribers, therefore people who feel that you have authority in what you write on your blog and who are interested to read more about what you have to say
  • Number of opt-ins is very important - you might have a hundred subscribers a day - but only 2-3 opt in.  You need to get your conversions higher. 
  • Inexpensive marketing - imagine having direct access to people, especially people who are directly interested in what you have to say since they subscribed to your blog
  • Providing Value - frankly put - if your blog does not provide value the reader will not stick.  Make sure you offer a good product when people are signing up to your mailing list. And make sure that its not a one time thing, maybe if its an e-book make it into an e-course, then the people will not want to unsubscribe straight after they get a free product from you.
  • Make sure your sign up form is visible and is above the fold.  Make is accessible.
I guess these are just some pointers which I wanted to point out.  So make sure, as soon as you start a blog, even if you just have one reader - make sure that "one" reader has a chance to convert into a subscriber and maybe later into a sales lead! It all goes in circles!

Another important point is what you use to create this list.  As I'm in  the process of finally starting my own list for this blog I have done quite a thorough research on all possible programs available for creating a subscriber list.  Although unfortunately none of them are for free, I decided to stick to the Aweber option.

They have a super $1 first month offer with a right to unsubscribe within 30 days.  After that one month is $19 a month.  But I personally think that this little investment that I'm making this month will pay well of in the coming years.  They have so many option such as creating the opt in page, all possible criterias to creating your list, designs,etc.. On this positive note I will end this post... Look out for my subscriber page! :)


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