Friday, January 2, 2009


Better late then never, Happy New Year everyone!!! Did you have a great time? How did you celebrate this year? Did you stay home with your family?
I had such an amazing time, the hubby did a great job of organizing a table in one of the clubs, really had an amazing time, turned out to be a bit expensive, but come to think about it... New years is only once a year, right so what the heck!!!
Actually I should add, this is how the last couple of hours of 2008 looked like... :)

8PM - drove to see my parents, presents, kisses, etc
10.30PM - drive back to town (30 min)
11.00PM - running to the apartment to open a bottle of Champagne ( since there is a time difference and the Russian president was giving a speech at 11pm, we get to have 2 new years, haha...)
11.30PM back in car with friends, driving to our apartment...
11.59.30PM running, literally running to third floor and trying to open another bottle of champagne and turn the TV on to watch the fireworks display...

and there was much more...

I have to spend some quality time to think of what I want my 2009 to be like and what needs to change in my life... good night!!!



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