Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Post for Henry the Dog - My little Shitzu

I decided to write a post dedicated to Henry the Dog.. :)
Well it is not 100% dedicated to him, but is for him if I can say that!
I would like to introduce Kvadratysika, my baby.
My husband and i got her in Aug 2007..
The funniest thing is that we thought that she was initially a boy and that's why we names her Kvadratik, which into English means Square ( don't ask why we chose this name).
But then a couple of weeks later we learnt that its a girl, but we couldn't change the name so we had to add an ending to make it sound like a girls name! :)
She is a Shit Tzhu and originally she is from Thailand, but over the last year and a bit she has gotten to the cold weather and it is her second winter! :) She loves the snow!
I just had to show her to the world and my blog is the best place where to do it! :)



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