Monday, February 2, 2009

Valentine Day - 14 February

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Do you have that something special all planned out already for you and your other half?

What would be your dream date on this day?

I think I'm a hidden romantic at heart, but I'm always expecting something out of the ordinary and I always go and spoil everything for myself as I'm too impatient! My husband always has something planned on these special days, but he usually likes to wait out until the evening before he gives me flowers or wishes me...

The impatient thing that I'm, usually by the time I get back from work and he hasn't sent me flowers yet I'm already hyped up by the time he comes home and obviously he gets this attitude from me with accusations such as " you forgot, blah blah blah..."

His next step usually is to go to the bedroom and pull out a bunch or roses, tulip, etc and wish me whatever occasion and I'm as always standing there all smiley and thinking opppsss I did it again.. I really should learn to be more patient!!!
And you?



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