Friday, November 27, 2009

How To Make An html Anchor Text Link

First off, before we go any further there is one important thing that you should do! For Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes you need to straight away before you do anything else decide what URL protocol you will be using in all your "Anchor Text Links".  Once you decide for yourself, make sure you stick to it throughout.  Basically there are two choices:

Note how in the first line there is the "www" while in the second one there isn't.  Let me take a minute to explain why this is so important.  First of all it is very important for your search engine ranking, you will ask why? The thing is this: For example you get 50 backlinks to your site ( and this after all your hard work leaving comments and submitting articles) - out of these 50 backlinks 20 have the "www" and the rest do not have the"www"- what you have done is you have split the "inbound vote of confidence" and for the search engines.

Now that we have gotten this straight we can move on to the next point.  If you want to have good backlinks with the right keywords leading back to your blog/site you need to guide those who are linking back to you.  Make sure you use the right keywords and make sure that you have links going back deep in to your blog/website and not just your homepage.

Lets look at different Anchor Text Link examples:
  • This Anchor Text Link will open in the same browser window

This is one way that this anchor text Hyperlink will finally look like:

Your Anchor Link/Keyword Text Goes Here

  • This Anchor Text Link will open in a new browser window

 This is one way that this anchor text Hyperlink will finally look like:

Your Anchor Link/Keyword Text Goes Here

This is what my domain name anchor Text looks like for this blog Bits n Pieces Blog:

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Anchor texts, please leave your comments or add if I have missed out on something.

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