Monday, November 9, 2009

Top 5 phrases to make your title stick

So you have a post with some great content. Content that is so unique and could be helpful to so many people but all those people are not even aware that got a new post..why is that?

First of all, yes you might have written a new post and you probably tweeted about it, and still no result, no comments from your fellow readers?
Probably the first mistake you made is is the first line - yes- your HEADING!

You only get 140 digits to make people want to click on your post! You have to have a title/heading that people would want to click on and read more...

So lets take a look at some heading which at first might seem like old stuff to you, but trust me they work!

  • Top (number) phrases/methods to do/make ( blank)
Using the word Top or Best shows people that you have already tested a number of methods and you have chosen the top something to share with them...
  • The Secret of (blank)
We all want to know secrets, especially if that secret makes you rich (lol). So if you have ideas or methods to do something, intrigue people by making them feel special by sharing your secret with them!
  • Here is a quick way to (blank)
Another great start, people tend to be in a hurry and don't have the time to deal with things so if you are giving them a quick way to deal with their problem or answer their question you are one step closer to getting their attention!
  • Include the word like in your heading - ex: Become a top blogger like ProBlogger
This is my personal point of view here, we all tend to compare ourselves to higher standards. If someone achieved something we tend to say a business like Bill Gates got, a blogger like Darren Rowse, sing like Madonna...and you can go on..

  • Solve a problem in your heading or show that you have an answers/solution to a question.

What do you think? Have you used these methods before? If yes - did they work?

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