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    How to use article directories for SEO purposes

    SEO is a costly affair to implement and whilst it is integral to the ultimate success of a website, the initial expense associated with it plus the difficulty in trying to gauge the ROI (return on investment) it provides the website owner alienates many website owners at the first instance. 

    One variation of SEO which has grown increasingly popular in recent times has been the usage of article writing and submission in order to raise the SEO profile of a website and many site owners have reported very positive results with this approach. The manner in which it functions is extremely straightforward indeed:  the website owner writes articles and useful content, which are then submitted to article submission directories.
    From there, if a person wishes to use that article for their own purposes, perhaps as filler content for their own website, then they can do so with the price of usage being that they must include a “backlink” which references the original author. One of the major criticisms made about SEO in general is that it is a very hit and miss process meaning that the cost effectiveness of the SEO marketing campaign is limited in the extreme.
    However, the benefit with article directory sites is that your articles will only ever be of interest and use to people who are involved in the niche in which you happen to operate in as well. What this means then is that you will gain access to internet users who will have actual use for your website and services, thereby significantly increasing the ROI of this SEO approach.
    Article writing and submission for SEO purposes have a tremendously robust shelf life meaning that because your articles will be passed around thanks to word of mouth, this means that that you will still be drawing some benefit from them months after you initially wrote them.  This stands in sharp contrast to the likes of PPC (pay per click campaigns) where the user will have to contend with having results so long as they keep paying money.
    There are a number of article submission sites and one of the most effective of these is ezinearticles. Totally free, with stringent rules ensuring strict quality control measures means that you will never get caught short with this particular SEO strategy.  

    Making Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing

    How many of you actually know what is affiliate marketing? I didn't know about until I came across a number of great opportunities to learn more about it. You will be surprised but many people don't know that you can make a decent income online. And trust me you don't have to have a Masters degree and a high paying job to be successful in an online business.

    In the next couple of paragraphs I will try to show and explain some methods through which anyone can make money online. And no this is not a get rich scheme where you don't have to do anything. You will have to spend time and energy to get things going. But it will be a great experience (just as it was for me) because you learn a lot of things along the way.

    So what is affiliate marketing. Here is a quick example. There are many sites today which offer products that you can promote for a commission. Here are just a few that I can think of straight away: Commission Junction and ClickBank. They are usually free to sign up and do not take any subscription fees or anything from you. What you have to do with the products that they offer is send traffic for example to your blog, website, internet shop, etc and if the people buy the products that you are promoting then you get commission for it. For example you choose a niche market and decide to promote a product related to health and fitness. So you choose the product and manage to sell it for USD 100. The site offers a 50% commission every time you well this product. So logically from every sale you will be making USD 50. I don't think there is a need to do any further calculations, as the numbers are pretty clear.

    Before I go any further it is important that you take action today and start doing some research. Before proceeding it is important to choose your niche market and do a thorough research on the keywords that you will be focusing on. I will be going into more detail on this subject in my coming posts.

    Also to read more, this course is a must for all newbies that want to learn the basic steps.
    Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing



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