Tuesday, May 25, 2010

About me - How I started My Bits n Pieces

Make Money Online With A Blog
I frequently ask myself and have many friends ask me - how I came to create this blog? Well I hope I will be able to answer that question in this post. I hope I could inspire some of you to start something of your own.

Frankly speaking before this blog I was actually a newbie to all this blogging business. And it took a lot of patience and time to read and learn all the possible materials to be able to actually understand and talk about it freely.

The initial idea behind "My Bits n Pieces" was to have a website where I could share my knowledge with others, and eventually at some point start making money (you have to do what you preach!) :)

Looking back over the last year or so can say that I have come a long way and although I'm not a 6 figure marketer, I think I'm doing quite good.

I think that when you start a blog the main motivation or idea behind it, like with any entrepreneurship should be - to solve a problem someone might have.

So the problem I tried to solve here in my blog was to share my knowledge and have it all one place for newbies who I once myself used to be cause too many friends were asking me how I get traffic, what I do,etc .  It was out of solving this ‘problem’ that "My Bits n Pieces" was born.

The truth is, I know that there are so many bloggers/people who are so excited about setting up a blog, but cannot for whatever reason get over that hurdle that exists when you first start out – of writing content, researching posts, building relationships etc (The GIVING bit) with very little in the way of income coming back in return.  Its so important so "GIVE" something to society before you start "GETTING" something back.

So often I visit a Blog and see that in the first month of operation there are plenty of posts but come the second or third month the posts have become less frequent.

I wish I could say Blogging is an easy way to make money – but I can’t. I can however say it is an excellent way to make money and frankly it does eventually become quite easy, but not until you have first gave of yourself and created something of value that other people will follow.

Wanted to leave you all with a quote - or I should say something that could motivate to go forward and keep trying.

The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake - 
you can't learn anything from being perfect

I hope you enjoy My Story and I hope it Inspires you.

To all our Successes


Alena A Wife, social media junkie, internet marketer and just a young woman with great ambitions.. just need to find the time to realize them! If you have questions on optimizing your blog please do not hesiate please contact me. :)

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