Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paying with Paypal on eBay

Is it safe to use Paypal with eBay?
I have been an active member of the eBay community for the last 4-5 years and have been using Paypal since day one! Especially now that Paypal has come up with a new policy that you cannot sell on eBay unless you have a Paypal or a Merchant account.
You can also read another post I recently wrote about steps on "How to open a Paypal Account"
Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of using paypal on eBay:


  • Secure - no need to give out your credit card and personal details to each seller when you buy something
  • No Monthly Fees or Costs if you a buyer, if you are a seller then fees apply accordingly
  • A lot of eBay users trust and already have paypal accounts
  • Lower transaction fees then 2CO MoneyBrokers and many others.
  • Great for Start up businesses or small volume business.
  • Great for an extra payment option for High Volume and Large Businesses.
  • Fast and easy Payment
  • Easy to transfer funds/withdraw to your credit card whenever needed with only a lot payment of EUR2 per transaction
  • Free to withdraw funds to your bank account if you are in the USA


  • Customer service - takes a long time to solve a problem if you have one, but once you reach someone it usually gets solved
  • Charge backs - easy to file a dispute when you purchase something, so if you are a seller you tend to have problems with customers requesting their money back. (personally have never had that problem - I think if your a good seller and honest your customers should not need to file a dispute against you)
  • Minimum withdrawal amount USD 10, EUR 10, GBP 6, etc
  • High fees, especially when you sell a lot usually a the end of the day you feel the small sums piling up!

I hope I managed to give a little advice, more my personal experience of using paypal. Overall paypal is great and I would suggest it to everyone. I think its secure and very user friendly. And besides eBay accepts it what else one might need? :)

If you feel that this is exactly what you need you can open an account by clicking this link :OPEN PAYPAL ACCOUNT NOW


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