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Would you buy FAKE mac pigments?

Ask yourself, would you buy fake M.A.C pigments if someone told you the quality is as good as the original? There are plenty of fake M.A.C pigments on eBay these days, actually I'm pretty sure that 80% of the pigments sold on eBay are probably made in China ( and no they are not the limited edition). Did you know that M.A.C actually does have a production line in China which they opened not long ago, but that line is only used for the production of limited editions and trust me those do not sell at a discount price of USD4 per piece as they are listed on eBay.
Let spend a minute here comparing. I actually recently bought some pigments on eBay and you guessed right, they were FAKE.
Here are some pictures and a little info on how to make sure before you buy that you are paying for the authentic pigments. Although what you get for the 4 bucks that you pay for the pigment is really quite good quality and if your not a fan of M.A.C makeup you might not even notice the difference.
Here are the few steps and questions to ask yourself before you go ahead and buy M.A.C pigments:
  1. Take a close look at the box of the pigment. First of all authentic MAC pigments will always have a sticker on the top right hand corner of the top of the box with the pigment name. The same name should be on a sticker on the jar itself. If there is just a number such as A something of just a number without a letter, its a FAKE!
  2. Flip the box and look at the bottom of the box, the FAKE MAC pigments will have the bar code printed on the box, the authentic pigments have a sticker stuck at the bottom.
  3. Turn the box and see the back where all the writing is. First of all authentic MAC tends to write all the information towards the bottom and left aligned, while the FAKE as can be seen in the picture has all centered and the font is very big. There is also the little picture with the instruction manual, this picture in authentic mac should be on the right bottom corner usually, while on the fake it is tends to be on the left side and a larger size.
  4. Look at the lid of your pigment. After unscrewing the black cap, there should be a protective lid covering the pigment. This lid should not have a hole in it to pour. If your pigment lid has a whole in it, send it back for a refund.
  5. There should be a round black sticker on top of the box with the name of the color on it. On the bottom, there should be a clear or silver sticker with the name of the shade on it. Stickers that do not have the name of the shade, but only the number on it are fake.
  1. This is an authentic MAC pigment box, the sticker is stuck and not printed on the box!
  2. selling on ebay In the picture above you can see that the code is printed on the box and not a sticker. This is a FAKE!

selling on ebay
  1. In the next photo (above) you can see that the stick on top of the box does not have the pigment name and has just a number. That's the first sigh that it is a fake. The second sign is that the sticker is stuck in the wrong place, it should be at the top right hand corner and face up. The one in the picture is a FAKE!

  1. The picture above compares the bottom of the jars. the one on the left is a fake as the sticker is transparent and does not have the proper pigment name printed. the one on the right is an authentic jar with a proper sticker in silver with the pigments color.

  1. The picture above is of an authentic MAC pigment, with a proper half transparent top when you open the jar. If you look closely the authentic Mac should have a tiny number printed on the cover that comes over the pigment so they don't spill.
  2. fake macThe one above shows a set of the pigments, plus box,etc.. this is a FAKE pigment. If you look closely you will see all the above described details starting with the book on the wrong side of the jar, the size of the text behind the box, no sticker, etc
I hope that I managed to give a little heads up to those who are interested in MAC pigments and are looking to buy them online! If you know more, please leave your comments for everyone to know!!!


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