Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How much is your blog worth in USD $$$!!!!

I was doing my usual research today to get more info for a new blog that I'm working on and I came across a very interesting article written by Amarnath Prabhakar, the owner of www.unoblogger.com . His article on a site that helps bloggers see the net worth (approximate) of their blog. I think this is some very useful information so I decided to share this further with everyone. :)
I did a check up on my own blog, and although it might not be worth too much - I'm surprised its even worth this much! :) You can see below the 3 easy steps that you have to do!

Step 1

Follow this link to access the tool page of Sootle.com by clicking here - http://directory.sootle.com/website-worth/

Step 2

Copy and paste of type in your website URL in the space shown below www.yourwebsite.com

Step 3

Once you’ve entered your website URL in the field provided, click on the Check button. You should see something like this in your result!

That's it! Here you go! Now you know how much your blog is worth! Now I know that my little blog is worth$ 1,475.00!!!


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