Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drop Down to earth simple SEO tips

SEO is always a controversial subject for website owners and there is a significant divide in terms of what is perceived to be the best method of achieving optimal results. A major problem is that the usage and effectiveness of SEO has been somewhat diluted by grossly exaggerated claims made by fraudulent service providers which means that many website owners foolishly succumb to the boastful claim:

                         “we can make your website ranked as #1 for Google”

Or any other such variation of this theme.
The search engines adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to SEO and the methods used, and there has been a significant crackdown on the so called “blackhat” SEO methods. These include the likes of filling a web page with nothing but keywords and keyphrases, and very little in the way of genuine content. A slight variation on this keyword stuffing is whereby the website owner will have additional keywords included in their website...but have the text displaying the keywords in white and displayed on the white background.
Cloaking is also majorly frowned upon and is liable to act as a major red flag to any of the search engine automated programs otherwise known as “bots.” Cloaking in the context of SEO refers to the process whereby a website that is presented to an internet user differs from the website that is reported to the bots. Even if it is achieved by accident, it is punished harshly. 
One of the worst black hat SEO methods is the so called “link farming” and this refers to the process whereby a group of websites all feature a hyperlink to every single other website within that little group. I say that this is the worst purely because of the extremely fine line that the website owner will invariably find that they need to deftly walk on in order to ensure that they do not get penalized by the search engines.
Blackhat SEO tricks are and can be tempting because they do least, until you get caught. However, the problem with them is that whilst they will provide you with a temporary and extremely short lived boost in your fortunes, the penalties incurred for them are severe indeed. Website owners who routinely engage in such practices will find that their website will have its rank significantly reduced, and in worst case scenarios maybe pulled off the internet permanently.

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