Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How social networking websites can help you with SEO

Social networking websites have became extremely popular and are now relied upon by people from all walks of life in order to communicate and keep in touch with friends and family. It would seem that every man and his dog has a social networking account on at least one of the sites in question, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Current estimates predict that roughly 10,000 people each day sign up for Facebook. As can be hopefully seen then, there is a great deal of potential for reaching out to spread the word about your website.

Many website owners are left at a total loss as to how a social networking site can actually be used most effectively to market and promote their services and products. First and foremost, it is important that the business /website owner actually appreciates not only the nature of their business, but the types of people to whom they cater for and will be likely to attract. These two issues must be considered because they will have a major impact on whether or not a social networking site can indeed help raise the profile for the website.

2)     What are the methods in which a social networking site can raise awareness about the site.
If you happen to own an online pharmacy that sells arthritis medication then a social networking site is less likely to be of benefit to you because there are simply not that many arthritis sufferers on such sites, (as arthritis is predominately an older person’s disease.) Equally, if you operate a funeral director’s then you may find a decidedly lacklustre response if you then try and get consumer’s “hyped” up about your business on these sites!

Why not hold a competition of some sort on the social networking website? Have a sweepstake or competition of some description with the crucial part of the puzzle being that every participant must actually challenge their friends and acquaintances to increase their chances of success. This will help create a buzz about your competition and if there is some sort of “battle of skill” involved (such as a quiz, or game of chess to name but a couple of ideas) then this will bring out the competitiveness of people forcing them to pit their wits against one another. As they invite/challenge one another, this will also serve as a talking point for them.


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