Wednesday, April 22, 2009

25 Random Things about me!

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1. It actually took 4 people to tag me to get me writing this thing

2. I lived and studied in India for 8 years an am a proud Alumni of Woodstock School!

3. I love sweets, anything that has sugar, but more I love cheese, I think I should have been born a mouse! :)

4. In school I was number 1 athlete - running. Oh where have those days gone! :(

5. I worked in a night cub in Brighton for 3 months with a friend and we had a time of our was so much fun!

6. I'm really scared of snakes

7. is my lucky number

8. I had a pet monkey when I was about 8, but I had a fight with it so my parents had to give him away! we fought over a candy... :))))))))))))

9. I hate waking up early, if I could sleep I would wake up after 11 everyday! But if I make it a point to be on time everyday I can do it! *hint hint* :)

10. I love dirty jokes - sounds bad but they are too funny especially when Voldemar tells them.. :)

11. I have had my hair colored - red, orange, purple, blond, brown, little greenish tint and I think there were more.

12. I'm a happy person, I always try to look for something positive even if its all negative!

13. I love shoes, its my weak side... not just any shoes but high heels!!!! I honestly can understand my husband when he sometimes complains that there is no space in the cupboard for his.. :)

14. i don't like gold jewelery, I like silver or white gold. Does not stand out too much!

15. I love Wind Surfing, but the last time I had a little accident that's why I have a small dent on my left ear...

16. I'm a fan of extreme sports, not sure if they are that extreme but I love jet skiing, flying with a parachute behind a scooter, water skiing, etc...

17. I'm a facebook addict!

18. I like heights - flying, but I'm very scared of fire or anything to do with things that blow up! that includes guns!

19. I like pink wine and archers with lemonade

20. I love buying presents for family and close friends. I love the process, especially perfume... I get such a thrill!

21. I would rather stay home and read a book on a Friday/Saturday evening than going out and getting drunk, but there are always exceptions!

22. I love traveling, there are still so many beautiful places I haven't seen! I'd rather go to an abandoned beach and live in a small condo, than spend my vacation in a big city where there are clubs and parties everyday! although so far have always ended up in one of those places... :(

23. I think my favorite cocktail is a Mohito and Mai Tai

24. I have never had one of those moment when I wake up the next morning and had to ask my friends
" What happened last nite" or "who are you?" :) Although I sometimes wish I could just say I don't remember anything!

25. I have a blog that I write, I try to write a couple of times a week. You can check it out here: Basically its random things...

This is me and Fedja ( my monkey)... back in 2006.. :)


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