Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    Drop Down to earth simple SEO tips

    SEO is always a controversial subject for website owners and there is a significant divide in terms of what is perceived to be the best method of achieving optimal results. A major problem is that the usage and effectiveness of SEO has been somewhat diluted by grossly exaggerated claims made by fraudulent service providers which means that many website owners foolishly succumb to the boastful claim:

                             “we can make your website ranked as #1 for Google”

    Or any other such variation of this theme.
    The search engines adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to SEO and the methods used, and there has been a significant crackdown on the so called “blackhat” SEO methods. These include the likes of filling a web page with nothing but keywords and keyphrases, and very little in the way of genuine content. A slight variation on this keyword stuffing is whereby the website owner will have additional keywords included in their website...but have the text displaying the keywords in white and displayed on the white background.
    Cloaking is also majorly frowned upon and is liable to act as a major red flag to any of the search engine automated programs otherwise known as “bots.” Cloaking in the context of SEO refers to the process whereby a website that is presented to an internet user differs from the website that is reported to the bots. Even if it is achieved by accident, it is punished harshly. 
    One of the worst black hat SEO methods is the so called “link farming” and this refers to the process whereby a group of websites all feature a hyperlink to every single other website within that little group. I say that this is the worst purely because of the extremely fine line that the website owner will invariably find that they need to deftly walk on in order to ensure that they do not get penalized by the search engines.
    Blackhat SEO tricks are and can be tempting because they do least, until you get caught. However, the problem with them is that whilst they will provide you with a temporary and extremely short lived boost in your fortunes, the penalties incurred for them are severe indeed. Website owners who routinely engage in such practices will find that their website will have its rank significantly reduced, and in worst case scenarios maybe pulled off the internet permanently.

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    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    How social networking websites can help you with SEO

    Social networking websites have became extremely popular and are now relied upon by people from all walks of life in order to communicate and keep in touch with friends and family. It would seem that every man and his dog has a social networking account on at least one of the sites in question, and the numbers are increasing on a daily basis. Current estimates predict that roughly 10,000 people each day sign up for Facebook. As can be hopefully seen then, there is a great deal of potential for reaching out to spread the word about your website.

    Many website owners are left at a total loss as to how a social networking site can actually be used most effectively to market and promote their services and products. First and foremost, it is important that the business /website owner actually appreciates not only the nature of their business, but the types of people to whom they cater for and will be likely to attract. These two issues must be considered because they will have a major impact on whether or not a social networking site can indeed help raise the profile for the website.

    2)     What are the methods in which a social networking site can raise awareness about the site.
    If you happen to own an online pharmacy that sells arthritis medication then a social networking site is less likely to be of benefit to you because there are simply not that many arthritis sufferers on such sites, (as arthritis is predominately an older person’s disease.) Equally, if you operate a funeral director’s then you may find a decidedly lacklustre response if you then try and get consumer’s “hyped” up about your business on these sites!

    Why not hold a competition of some sort on the social networking website? Have a sweepstake or competition of some description with the crucial part of the puzzle being that every participant must actually challenge their friends and acquaintances to increase their chances of success. This will help create a buzz about your competition and if there is some sort of “battle of skill” involved (such as a quiz, or game of chess to name but a couple of ideas) then this will bring out the competitiveness of people forcing them to pit their wits against one another. As they invite/challenge one another, this will also serve as a talking point for them.

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    How to choose effective keywords

    Given that SEO is the driving force of raising the awareness and prestige for any website, it is vital that the aspiring website owner actually appreciates how to maximise their SEO enterprises. Without a doubt, the actual choice of SEO keywords will have a major impact on the ultimate success of your SEO campaign and will directly influence the amount of relevant traffic you attract for your site.
    There is a common misconception that the SEO keywords associated with a particular niche which happen to be more expensive, must therefore be more desirable and lucrative. That maybe true, however....that does not mean that they will provide you with a maximum return on your investment, or optimal results in the long term.
     The problem with the higher tier keywords is that by virtue of their high cost, this means that the website owner will have to contend with paying more money for their usage both for the initial usage of the words as well as their continued use.  If you have a limited budget you will probably find that you end up burning through your budget well before you are actually able to make any sort of solid head way when it comes to carving a head start over the competition.
    There are a number of different keyword optimization tools available, some which are free to download and use with no further recourse, and others which have a fee attached to them.
    Make sure that your choice of keyword actually has a resonance with the people who will be most likely to use your website. If you operate a website that caters for medical supplies for dogs, then you may get better results substituting the word “dog” for “canine” (this is because canine is the more academic and technical usage of the word.) 
    Never underestimate or overlook the value and significance of spelling typos and mistakes! When people are searching for something on the internet, the chances are that they are doing so whilst under some degree of pressure with time being a constraint that they have to keep a firm eye on. Some words are also very easy to misspell because they are spelt differently from how they happen to be pronounced. By including the most common variations of spelling mistakes for a particular keyword or phrase, you will also be able to scoop up another large portion of the available traffic.  

    Friday, April 16, 2010

    How to increase your web traffic using twitter

    If you are a website owner then you will no doubt have some idea as to the significant role that an effective SEO campaign can have for raising awareness about your website and increasing consumer loyalty as well. SEO is and can be extremely expensive and whilst it can significantly bolster the fortunes and success of your website, for the newly established website owner the initial expenses associated with it can be steep, too steep for them to manage comfortably.
    Thankfully, there is an effective way to publicise your website, attract additional traffic and satisfy all of your SEO requirements and as if this was not helpful enough, it allows the website owner to achieve all this at a fraction of the cost. I am speaking of social networking websites such as Twitter, Myspace, Bebo and Facebook. Yes, you read correctly: those totally free to join websites are an excellent way to actually achieve good SEO.
    First and foremost, with any social networking website, you need to ensure that you actually provide useful content and material to the fellow members in order to get people interested in your profile and by extension, your website.  Twitter is in effect, a “micro-blog” allowing Twitter account holders to communicate with their followers on a more informal, personal basis.
    Once you have built up a respectable follower base then you can start informing people of any promotional news relevant for your business. If you have a special offer campaign in the midst, are offering a discount for a limited time only or have some great new products hot off the press then Twitter will allow you to inform your fans/followers of such updates without pressuring them. There is nothing more offputting than having to try and resist the pushy sales pitch of an overly eager salesperson. Twitter then, is the ideal platform for the greatly trumpeted “soft sales” skills.
    Tweeter can also be used to utilise an affiliate marketing campaign, whereby Twitter members who have accounts will receive a small commission for every person that they are able to refer to your website. All they need to do is include a link in their profile, and include a short description of what your website actually provides. This is beneficial for the website owner because it is inexpensive and provides a much more generous ROI (return on investment).  


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